Solid Organ Transplant
The Solid Organ Transplant review is comprised of a Finance component and an Operational component. The Finance portion of the review identifies whether the Organ Acquisition Cost Centers reflect the true cost of services provided and whether the hospital is receiving all of the Medicare dollars to which it is entitled. The Operational portion of the review is an analysis of systems to ensure the Program is compliant with federal transplant-related regulations and that there are processes in place that provide for appropriately capturing all transplant related cost.

Profitability Analysis

The transplant profitability analysis, through a complete cost analysis, determines the strengths and weaknesses in the program that affect profitability and provides strategies for improvement. This analysis is especially valuable when considering expansion of a program.

Transplant Retainer

The Transplant Retainer service provides affordable ongoing support for the client’s transplant program operations, reimbursement and compliance questions. The retainer service provides the answers to client hospitals when they need it on an ongoing basis.

Histocompatibility Laboratories (Hospital & Free Standing)

The review of the Histocompatibility Laboratory includes examining the overall structure and operation of the histocompatibility laboratory for operating efficiency, profitability, and certification. The review may include computing the unit cost of histocompatibility test production and establishing the test charge structure, if required. In addition, HSC can determine appropriate staffing requirements and personnel utilization. We also assist in obtaining required transplant regulatory approvals (for transplant centers and organ procurement programs also.)

Organ Procurement Organizations
The Organ Procurement Organization analysis includes the review of the structure of an organ procurement organization to maximize reimbursement benefits in the areas of renal, extra-renal organs, and tissue. The service includes assistance to the freestanding organ procurement organization in preparing its annual Medicare Cost Report.