Audit Of Processes and Development of Best Practices for Coding and Billing Reference Laboratory Services
The analysis of current policies and procedures associated with the outreach reference laboratory business practice provides an opportunity to develop “best practice” procedures with associated training for staff. This review evaluates current operations and defines for the client the elements required for a “best practices” cost analysis, client pricing, and compliant coding and billing for the reference laboratory.

Analysis of Reverse Laboratory Model
HSC offers a profitability analysis of the “reverse reference model” business relationship between a hospital laboratory and a major commercial reference laboratory for “stat” and “rapid turn-around” testing. The review includes an analysis of the pros and cons of the relationship as compared to a typical outreach model. It also includes an evaluation of the associated fee schedule and, where appropriate, recommendations for adjustment.

Outreach Profitability Analysis
This service evaluates the profitability of a client’s Laboratory Outreach Program by examining the client’s expense and revenue reports. HSC takes into consideration variable, direct and indirect costs against recorded revenues to show whether the program meets established institutional return on investment rates. This analysis is valuable for a hospital administration when determining if it should start or expand an existing laboratory outreach program.