HSC’s staff has a broad base of experience and talent in the health care industry. Because we have all been practicing professionals in the technical, regulatory, financial, marketing,and administrative areas of health care, we can meet your needs. Our staff includes specialists in:

  Regulatory and legislative activities
Reimbursement review and medical coding
Financial review and planning
Organizational planning, structure, and development
Transplant, organ procurement, and dialysis services
Regulatory requirements for IVD manufacturing units

Joan Logue, Principal
Joan Logue, a company founder, is a nationally recognized consultant on laboratory management, clinical laboratory regulation, and Medicare reimbursement issues. She has worked with major hospital and national reference laboratory clients throughout the country, and she is a frequent speaker to national professional groups on clinical laboratory management issues. Mrs. Logue is the founder and former executive director of the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA), a professional society with over 9,000 members.

Prior to her position with CLMA, Mrs. Logue served as Director of Administration and Communication for the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS). In this capacity she worked closely with representatives from the scientific community, the Food and Drug Administration, the Health Care Financing Administration (now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), the Health Industry Manufacturers Association, and the in-vitro diagnostic industry. Mrs. Logue also was the Administrator of Laboratory Services for a 200-bed acute care hospital, where she managed all clinical and anatomic laboratory operations.

William P. Vaughan, Principal
William Vaughan, a company founder, is a nationally recognized consultant in organ transplant operations, and he has extensive experience in Medicare reimbursement. He was employed for 11 years by Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance in Hartford, Connecticut (a Medicare Intermediary). During that time, he served as an administrator of Medicare Part A field offices and of the Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease Reimbursement Program, concerned with tissue-typing laboratories and independent organ procurement agencies.

In addition, Mr. Vaughan was Vice President of Reimbursement at LifeLink Foundation, Inc., Tampa. He has worked as a consultant with a number of health care providers in the areas of financial reporting, record keeping and management. He has also helped new health care organizations develop financial and organizational structures.

Caroline M. Wolfe, RN, BSN, CNN, CCTC, Transplant Consultant
In her work with Health Systems Concepts, Ms. Wolfe is involved in the development and review of transplant service operations and dialysis programs, development of quality assurance systems, and the application of program analysis models for dialysis and transplant services. She is a Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator and a Certified Nephrology Nurse.

Ms. Wolfe has over 20 years experience in all areas of dialysis and transplantation. She was the Senior Transplant Nurse Coordinator at Medical College Hospital of Ohio, where she was responsible for developing transplant policies and procedures, departmental budgets, coordination of transplant conferences, and working directly with patients in the transplant process. She has been involved in the development of a number of new training programs and is a frequent speaker on transplantation and dialysis issues.

William Dettwyler, Laboratory Coding Consultant

William Dettwyler is an expert in procedure code analysis for laboratory, radiology, nuclear medicine and diagnostic ultrasound services. He has experience in procedure coding for Medicare, Medicaid and other third party reimbursement. He has in-depth knowledge of all major coding systems used for billing and medical records, including CPT-4 procedure coding, ICD-9-CM coding, Health Care Financing Administration HCPCS codes, certification specialty, and revenue center codes.

Mr. Dettwyler was a Laboratory and Radiology Consultant to the Oregon Medicare carrier, Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance, a national Medicare contractor. He provided guidance in the definition and correct use of coding systems and assignment of relative value units for claims payment. He also was Laboratory and Radiology Consultant to the Oregon Department of Adult and Family Services, where he provided advice and assistance on all aspects of payment and medical coding.

Linda R. Springer, RHIS, CCS, Coding Consultant

Linda Springer has over 10 years experience in coding inpatient and outpatient records and coding physician services. She has instructed courses on ICD-9-CM and CPT-4 coding for a local community college and was a coding consultant for the Florida Hospital Association. She has a B.S. degree in Health Information Management and is a registered Health Information Administrator and Certified Coding Specialist. Ms. Springer assists HSC with coding products and services for both inpatient and outpatient and with researching Medicare regulatory issue.

Brian K. DuChateau, Ph.D., (AMBLI) Laboratory Coding Technical Consultant
Brian DuChateau is HSC’s technical consultant in the areas of molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, and serologic assays. In his role with HSC, he supports the coding process for the more esoteric assays by assisting the coder in analyzing the technical procedures involved in the assay.

Dr. DuChateau was the Director of Product Development for the Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin. There he was responsible for the development and implementation of new flow cytometric, serologic, and molecular diagnostic assays. Prior to his position with the Blood Center, he directed a large multi-site diagnostic reference laboratory conducting over 2.5 million tests per year. He also served as LabCorp’s Technical Director of New England Operations.